The SLINs work to help make London’s growth economically, environmentally and socially sustainable, by identifying key challenges and stimulating digital technologies which will improve the lives of Londoners.

They aim to:

  • Identify and link up the huge amount of existing and emerging smart city activity and investments
  • Help clarify and shape market opportunities arising from London’s emergence as a smart city
  • Support SMEs and the wider innovation community to seize these market opportunities and scale them up
  • Provide a pipeline of targeted solutions to partners investing in London’s smart infrastructure and services.

The first two SLINs are: the Smart London Districts Network, which launched in 2014, and the Smart London Infrastructure Network.

London is home to a number of major, highly aspirational district-level redevelopment projects. The Smart London Districts Network provides a platform for the public and private development organisations which are delivering London’s largest and most ambitious development districts, to showcase these exemplar developments and enable collaboration, sharing of best practice and bringing new smart city innovation to market. The Smart London Districts Network supports the GLA’s economic development and wealth creation aims by helping to stimulate demand-led innovation and improve the environment through resource efficiency and social development.

The Smart London Infrastructure Network provides a platform for organisations delivering London’s infrastructure services, primarily utilities responsible for water, energy, telecommunications and waste management. This Network promotes collaboration, new ideas, sharing best practice and bringing new innovation to market, with a view to strengthening resilience and reinforcing critical infrastructure. This network is being delivered in partnership with EIT Digital.


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Sensing London

WHAT does the project do?

Sensing London has created five “living laboratories” across London, where sensors measure a range of physical parameters, including air quality and human activity. Its team of expert data scientists analyse this information, teasing out vital insights to assess the impact that cities themselves have on human health and understand how people use infrastructures.

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