Making sensors a commodity

WHAT does the project do?

This project aims to find the optimum combination of sensors to detect footfall and other environmental parameters in bus shelters. Sensors are placed in bus stops in and around the Shoreditch area, as well as within buildings. The project aims to do this in a way which protects individuals’ privacy.

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Programme delivery dashboard for Croydon Council

WHAT does the project do?

The London Borough of Croydon (LBC) has embarked on an extensive regeneration programme that in a period of five-years will involve more than 150 construction projects of all kinds to transform Croydon as a place to live, work and visit.

The Olympics-scale programme of development will see more that £4bn ploughed into extensive regeneration of the town’s centre into a vibrant mixed-use district. Living and working in Croydon will change forever.

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