Camden Council – Residents Index

WHAT does the project do?

Camden built a “residents’ index”, uniting information from 16 council data sources to create a single, consistent view of residents across the borough and the council services that they are accessing.

WHERE is the project?

London Borough of Camden

WHO is delivering the project?

Camden worked with IBM Business Partners SCISYS and Entity Group to develop and deploy the residents’ index.

WHEN is the project being delivered?

The project took three months to deliver, and continues to grow in usefulness and application.

WHY is this project good for London?

There are many use cases for joining up data in this way. The project is a key part of Camden’s nationally acknowledged Digital Strategy. Having an accurate picture of its citizens and their households provides Camden with a real basis for citizen centric services.

Aside from customer service innovation, the council is more able to ensure that tax payers money goes to the right individual/family. Camden estimates that the solution could help to cut single person Council Tax discount fraud significantly. Council housing sub-letting is a major problem in London and this joined up view of their data is helping them to proactively identify potential tenancy fraud.

With the recent changes to the Electoral Roll in the UK, the project identified a significant number of potential voters, helping Camden to have one of the most accurate Electoral Rolls in London. Camden has been able to withdraw school places from fraudulent applicants ensuring school places go to those who are entitled to them.

Camden is a model for other London Councils on how to join up their data, has the potential to provide a matching service to other councils and has the trusted data foundation to enable multi agency working.

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